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Dice Knob


Align set screw
WITH slot.
1.Make sure to slide the dice knob all the way down snuggly and align the set screw in the knob with the slot (if your post has one).
2. The screw should be going "into" the slice or slot so it will not compress the top of the post and make the knob ride "angled."

Strap Knob




Strap Post

Dice Knob
with Bushing
1. Remove old strap buttons. (Or drill new holes using #36 or 7/64” drill bit).
2. Place wing nut on machine-threaded part of post and screw
down to the center stop until tight.
3. With wing nut, screw post into the hole all the way to end
of threads (screw in wood-thread side).
4. Remove wing nut and duplicate process with second strap post (if needed).
5. Place nylon bushing over strap post.
6. Place guitar strap onto nylon bushing.
7. Screw on threaded die and tighten.
8. If drilling new holes or enlarging old ones, use a #36 or 7/64” drill bit.